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Valentine's Day Gifts for her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

With just a week left for Valentine’s day, choosing the perfect gift for the lady in your life can get a little intimidating. While cute teddy bears, delicious chocolates and lovely flowers are the ultimate classics, why not be a little unconventional and thoughtful this Valentine’s and swoon her with a gift she remembers? Here’s our take on the perfect gifts that you can give to your lady love.

1) Jewelry always fits.
Yes it does! From dainty little studs to elegant heart-shaped hoops, to gorgeous intricate neckpieces to beautiful diamond rings, you can never go wrong with gifting your girl a gorgeous piece of jewelry. The sparkle is surely going to make her gleam even more! She is going to smile each time she adorns the alluring piece of jewelry.
You can even add a dash of personal touch with yours and hers initials engraved on a locket. Or how about a charm bracelet to which she can add her favorite charms and make it a keepsake!

2) “I have enough lipsticks”...Said no girl ever! A girl CANNOT ever have enough makeup. Know of a lipstick shade or an eye shadow palette that your girl has been eyeing on like forever? Now is the perfect time to surprise her! She will be stunned to see it (and for the fact that you remembered her favorite ;)). Or, get her a gift card of her best-loved cosmetic brand and see the million-dollar smile it brings on her face!
A luxurious self pampering hamper is definitely another great choice to make your girl feel really special.

3) A picture says a thousand words. Memories of the great times you had together is undoubtedly the ultimate romantic gift you can give. Acute little frame that she can keep at her desk with a picture of you two from your first date or a picture book with all your pictures from that first trip that you took together or your favorite picture on a coffee mug, it is all going to leave her nostalgic bringing back all the great memories you made.

4) Handmade is Happiness. Anything that’s handmade clearly tops the list of ways to touch her heart. A heartfelt note about how much you love her or a collection of “open-when” letters or even a simple handmade card shows the care, the love and the time you put to make something special and memorable for her.

Our guide will for sure help you find out the ideal way to express your love this Valentine’s Day and it will definitely turn out to be one of the most romantic ones that you’ve had.     

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