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Best Digital Thermometers in India

Every notice the first thing we do if we feel sick is to touch our forehead to see how hot it is. Sometimes it feels so hot that it must be a fever. You take your temperature only to find out it’s normal. Nowadays, the trusted mercury glass thermometer has been replacing electronic digital ones. As you know glass can break, and mercury is a toxic material, creating a very dangerous situation. So it would make sense to start using an electronic digital thermometer. They provide quick readings on an easy to read display and are very accurate when used properly. Here's the list of best Electronic thermometer available in India.

Whether you are looking for the Best Digital Thermometers in India or Compare Digital Thermometers prices in July 2020 in India, This is the right page, Our AI-enabled bots created the list of Top 10 Digital Thermometers in July 2020 on Amazon as well as flipkart for you. This is showing Best Digital Thermometers in India July 2020 as valuable information but also try to cover the following subjects: best digital thermometer in India , Best digital thermometer for babies , best digital thermometer baby , best digital thermometer

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Top 10 Products on Amazon

#1: Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer With Quick Measurement of Oral Underarm Temperature in Celsius Fahrenheit Water Resistant for Easy Cleaning: (ReviewSum Score: 8.35 )

Price: ₹290*

  • For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement
  • 3-digit, + degree celcius (degree fahrenheit) display in 0.1 degree increment, beeps when measurement is completed
  • Measurement Accuracy : ±0.1 degree celcius (32.0 to 42.0 degree celcius)
  • ±0.2 degree fahrenheit (89.6 to 107.6 degree fahrenheit)
  • Auto off function : Approximately 30 minutes after use or 3 minutes when not been used
3,388 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 3.7
Positive Feedback**: 62.2%
Neutral Feedback**: 22.6%
Negative Feedback**: 16.2%
Based on 4,373 ratings and 3,388 reviews found.

#2: Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 7.07 )

Price: ₹258* ₹500

  • Self-diagnosis when device is abnormal, waterproof and flexible tip
  • Fever alarm and celsius to fahrenheit switch ability
  • Low battery indicator, auto shut-off and 10 seconds measurement
  • Includes batteries and instruction manual
709 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 70.2%
Neutral Feedback**: 18.2%
Negative Feedback**: 11.6%
Based on 916 ratings and 709 reviews found.

#3: Dr Morepen Digiclassic MT101 Hardtip Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 6.34 )

Price: ₹159* ₹190

  • Mercury-free (100 percent safe)
  • Dual scale measurement of celsius and fahrenheit
  • High precision and easy to read
  • Unbreakable
  • Auto switch off and beeper alert
588 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 3.7
Positive Feedback**: 60.2%
Neutral Feedback**: 25.6%
Negative Feedback**: 15.2%
Based on 667 ratings and 588 reviews found.

#4: Dr Trust Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 5.87 )

Price: ₹299* ₹325

  • Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer
  • Colour: White
  • Water proof
161 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 72.0%
Neutral Feedback**: 16.4%
Negative Feedback**: 11.6%
Based on 487 ratings and 161 reviews found.

#5: Wayona Bo Hui Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Digital Medical Forehead Temperature Gun with Fever Alert Function and Memory Function: (ReviewSum Score: 5.82 )

Price: ₹3,899* ₹8,499

  • EASY TO USE: Press any button to power on the infrared forehead thermometer. Press the [C/F] button to switch to your desired degree unit. Keeping a distance of 5-15cm, press the [Power/Scan] button at the front of the handle. After 1 second measurement will display on the LCD screen.
  • BEST THERMOMETER FOR OFFICE/FACTORY/HOME:1 second fast measurement, instant reading. With large backlit LCD screen and mute mode setting. Get the measurements clearly in the dark. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN:Our digital medical thermometer can store and recall up to 32 temperature readings, available to help you track changes of temperature. Intelligent auto turn-off after 20 seconds. Equipped with fever warning function.
  • MULTI-MODE THERMOMETER: Thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. It can also measure object, and liquids temperature. Perfect choice for home,office, travel, clinic, school.
13 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.7
Positive Feedback**: 94.2%
Neutral Feedback**: 5.8%
Negative Feedback**: 0.0%
Based on 14 ratings and 13 reviews found.

#6: Welch Allyn Inc BD10328 Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer Lens Filters 20 Pack: (ReviewSum Score: 5.69 )

Price: ₹440* ₹3,299

  • Ear Thermometer Lens Filters
  • 20 Pack
  • Perfect for most Braun Thermoscan
3 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.5
Positive Feedback**: 85.4%
Neutral Feedback**: 6.4%
Negative Feedback**: 8.2%
Based on 219 ratings and 3 reviews found.

#7: Dr Morepen MT 111 Digiclassic Digital Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 5.32 )

Price: ₹190*

  • 100% Safe (no mercury)
  • Clinically tested
  • Measurement in 0 for & 0c
  • Memory function
  • Low battery indication
  • Quick measurement
  • Auto switch off; fever alarm; beeper alert; easy to read
148 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 3.8
Positive Feedback**: 64.6%
Neutral Feedback**: 23.6%
Negative Feedback**: 12.8%
Based on 252 ratings and 148 reviews found.

#8: Dr Odin Non Contact Infrared Thermometer For Adults and Kids Forehead Ear Object Mode 4 Color coded Fever Guidance and Audio Visual fever Warning and BPA Latex Free: (ReviewSum Score: 5.29 )

Price: ₹4,500* ₹8,100

  • 40 Reading Memory: Dr. Odin is the best digital Thermometer Brand in India and is able to recall 40 last reading for convenient temperature tracking when you are taking care of your family who is suffering from a persistent fever
  • Easily switch between °C and °F: You can easily switch between Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit with a press of one button.
  • 1 Second reading: With the help of this non contact thermometer you will get the reading in 1 second without touching the forehead or object with the thermometer.
  • 4 Colour LCD Display: White, Green, Orange & Red color to show the temperature level of the body or object.
  • Non Contact Detection: With this help of this Infrared Thermometer you can measure the temperature without touching the human body or object.
111 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 71.6%
Neutral Feedback**: 13.4%
Negative Feedback**: 15.0%
Based on 180 ratings and 111 reviews found.

#9: U Grow Digital Thermometer with Waterproof Flexible Tip: (ReviewSum Score: 5.25 )

Price: ₹299* ₹399

  • It has flexible tip water resistance
  • The temperature can be measured axillary, oral and rectal
  • The thermometer turns off automatically after 10 minutes
  • Audible warning after measurement easy measurement and operation
  • Fever alert large and readable digital display
110 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 71.4%
Neutral Feedback**: 14.8%
Negative Feedback**: 13.8%
Based on 146 ratings and 110 reviews found.

#10: DOYO Digital Thermometer forehead fever non infrared contact mercury health and personal care clinical electronic ir device baby kids pet supplies: (ReviewSum Score: 5.15 )

Price: ₹139* ₹249

  • Without mercury digital thermometer, making it safer than older
  • Auto power-off option, in the case someone forget to switch off the thermometer the thermometer gets switched off automatically
  • Beep sound for when the reading is complete and beep sound continues if the reading is high
  • Can be used in oral cavity, rectal and under the armpit
  • ℃/℉ switchable thermometer
36 Total Reviews
Amazon Ratings: 4.1
Positive Feedback**: 70.8%
Neutral Feedback**: 18.8%
Negative Feedback**: 10.4%
Based on 130 ratings and 36 reviews found.

Top 10 Products on Flipkart

#1: Dr Trust Non Contact Forehead Temporal Artery Infrared Thermometer With Color Coded Fever Guidance Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 9.09 )

Price: ₹4,499* ₹7,500

  • Features: The thermometer first scans and captures naturally emitted infrared heat, measurement of ambient temperature, liquids and surfaces. Arterial heat balance software then synthesizes these readings to determine body, Buzzer: Yes, Object mode suitable for measuring temperature of baby bottles with milk. Always accurate measurement: Clinically tested, this thermometer has been clinically tested for accuracy in comparison to rectal thermometers, Temperature: 2 color coded backlight: Large LCD screen, color coded backlight and 30 results memory; Dual mode: Person/Object mode, measures in both celsius and fahrenheit. Fever alarm in case of excess temperature and red color Lcd backlight will show
915 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.2
Positive Feedback**: 77.2%
Neutral Feedback**: 15.9%
Negative Feedback**: 6.9%
Based on 4,933 ratings and 915 reviews found.

#2: Dr Trust DT 025 Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 8.77 )

Price: ₹300*

  • Features: Flexible TIP
236 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.1
Positive Feedback**: 72.0%
Neutral Feedback**: 21.5%
Negative Feedback**: 6.5%
Based on 1,815 ratings and 236 reviews found.

#3: AccuSure MT 101 Compact Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 8.73 )

Price: ₹240* ₹260

  • Power Source: Battery
  • LCD Display
  • Features: Low Bettery Indicator, Fever Alert, Auto Off, Both C and F Scale, Clinically Tested, With Carring Box
  • Auto Shut OFF
305 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 68.1%
Neutral Feedback**: 24.5%
Negative Feedback**: 7.4%
Based on 2,150 ratings and 305 reviews found.

#4: Control D CDT01 Digital Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 8.71 )

Price: ₹249*

  • Power Source: LR 41 Battery
  • LCD Display
  • Features: Dual mode with both Celsius and Fahrenheit, Beep sound, Memory of last result, Auto shut-off, 200 Hours Long battery life, Mercury Free, High Precision, Clinically Tested
  • Auto Shut OFF
315 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 68.4%
Neutral Feedback**: 22.9%
Negative Feedback**: 8.7%
Based on 2,118 ratings and 315 reviews found.

#5: HealthEmate MT 101 AccuSure Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 8.67 )

Price: ₹199* ₹295

  • Power Source: battery
  • LCD Display
  • Features: CE Certified, Both F And C
  • Auto Shut OFF
  • Water Resistant
260 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 68.1%
Neutral Feedback**: 24.2%
Negative Feedback**: 7.6%
Based on 1,874 ratings and 260 reviews found.

#6: Intex Infrared Digital Thermometer Thermo Safe Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 8.53 )

Price: ₹2,299* ₹7,999

  • Power Source: AA Battery
  • LED Display
  • Features: Display Resolution - 1 DegreeC, Memorize 16 Measurement, Automatic Shutdown with in 30 Seconds, Back Light LED Digital Display, Measurable in Both Celsius and Fahrenheit, FDA Approved, High Temperature Alarm, Comfertable Handle, Switch Measurment Button, Infrared Detector, User Friendly Design
  • Auto Shut OFF
225 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.1
Positive Feedback**: 73.0%
Neutral Feedback**: 16.9%
Negative Feedback**: 10.0%
Based on 1,134 ratings and 225 reviews found.

#7: Thermon Super ORG Digital C And F Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 7.84 )

Price: ₹165* ₹450

  • Power Source: cell
  • digital Display
  • Features: Clinically Tested, Low Battery Indication, Auto Switch Off, For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement, 3-digit, + degree celcius (degree fahrenheit) display in 0.1 degree increment, beeps when measurement is completed
  • Auto Shut OFF
125 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 3.9
Positive Feedback**: 65.3%
Neutral Feedback**: 22.2%
Negative Feedback**: 12.5%
Based on 941 ratings and 125 reviews found.

#8: Rossmax TG 380 Flexible Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 7.45 )

Price: ₹350*

  • Features: Fever Alarm
89 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 3.9
Positive Feedback**: 65.9%
Neutral Feedback**: 22.4%
Negative Feedback**: 11.7%
Based on 729 ratings and 89 reviews found.

#9: Medlife 1 Digital Thermometer Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 7.31 )

Price: ₹240* ₹249

  • Power Source: Battery
  • LCD Display
  • Features: 60 seconds measurement
  • Auto Shut OFF
  • Water Resistant
76 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.0
Positive Feedback**: 65.8%
Neutral Feedback**: 25.2%
Negative Feedback**: 9.1%
Based on 614 ratings and 76 reviews found.

#10: Dr Trust i check Clinical Digital Forehead Ear Infrared Temperature Thermometers Machine for kids Adults Pets Objects Babies Fever Model 601 Thermometer: (ReviewSum Score: 7.07 )

Price: ₹4,499* ₹7,500

  • Features: I-check Thermometer
70 Total Reviews
Flipkart Ratings: 4.1
Positive Feedback**: 72.9%
Neutral Feedback**: 17.7%
Negative Feedback**: 9.4%
Based on 379 ratings and 70 reviews found.

* Prices may vary
** Feedback is the Combination of Reviews and Ratings

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