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About Us

About Us

ReviewSum.in, Our vision is to bring the power of data mining and Artificial intelligence to everyone.


We are an innovative young team of a handful of developers and digital marketers. We are Diligent in creating a product that is Easy to Use, Helpful, and Innovative. We aim to add something new to our offerings every day and we work very hard to achieve that goal.


When we see anyone looking for a product online, We look for the products, look at the rating of a couple of products, Look at their User reviews, and if you have time, Sometimes Even Expert Reviews from various sites. When we wrote our first program that checked the most popular products with good ratings from a category, We instantly saw a problem. The Websites which rank them, Avoid the popular products which may not earn them a commission and the Expert reviews has a huge human bias associated with it. We decided to solve this problem.


Choosing the best products from each site is a multi-step process. Gather, Clean, Process, Consolidate, and Finally Create the Best lists are the steps in the entire process. It is fully automated and is very flexible. If we do not have enough good products in a category then our bot does not create the Top 10 list but rather Top n products to ensure you get only the best products. The lists are created without any human intervention to ensure it's neutral and without any human bias. We sometimes only edit the lists when we find wrongly categorized products on the platforms or the duplicate products with misleading names.
For details about each step click here.


The result of our innovation and efforts is a Ranking website for those who prefer reading the lists and a Youtube channel for those who simply want to see the products. Each Page and each video are created by our bots and without any human intervention. Each list is created considering multiple dimensions and is presented in a fashion which is simple to comprehend and to avoid the information overload.

Contact Us:

Address: A-303, Disha Horizon
Viman Nagar, Pune-411014
Email: summariesreview@gmail.com
Phone Number: +91 8669003312

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