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Reviewsum.in is a participant of the Amazon LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that provides websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.in. The Product links may be linked to affiliate links, so the owner of this site may make a referral commission.

We provide genuine information with our unbiased opinions with the help of the experiences faced by the users. Our AI-enabled programs conduct a lot of research work by working on product reviews, ratings, and by creating multidimensional mathematical models. All the product descriptions, prices, and warranty information are taken verbatim from the manufacturer or providers and should be confirmed with them.

We work on a principle that humans may have the conscious or unconscious bias towards product or company which are hard to detect even by the individual, therefore, we collect a lot of data from the internet and combine them to create the list of best products which is not biased in any way even if we may not earn any commission from them.

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