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How we find the best products for you

Before we start with how we get you the best products, Let's first understand why we do it. Before buying anything online or sometimes even Offline, Our generation first tries to search reviews online but in most cases, there are many Expert reviews of some products. The situation is worse when you are looking at online platforms like Amazon. There, we may find thousands of ratings and reviews for a particular product. An average person normally tries to guess the general perception of the product from first appearing 10-20 reviews. This may not be an accurate method but we mostly rely on these methods to decide (or Justify) our choice.

Why guess when you can just get the report based on the Wisdom of the Crowds

This is where our best in class Artificially Intelligent Algorithms come into the picture. Our algorithms read every review posted online and Collate the reviews and compare them with other products to create a comparative rating that is designed to give to just enough information and not to clutter your mind with too much info.

If you are curious, Check out our entire process

Gather: We gather all the listings under any category from all the popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart using our state of art crawlers.

Clean: There's a lot of junk, duplicate or outdated data in those listings. Our data cleaning algorithms clean all the junk to keep only the current and genuine listings.

Process Reviews: Collecting the listings are not enough, For better analysis, we collect reviews of the most popular products and our Artificial Intelligent programs process each review.

Consolidate: After processing the reviews, All the reviews are classified into 3 categories Good, Ok and Bad to get the final count of each type.

Finally, Create the Lists of the best products: The products are compared to others in the same category. Based on the Ratings, Popularity, and analysis of the reviews, the score is generated to rank the products.

We strive to create Helpful and Genuine lists without any human intervention. We sincerely hope they will be enough for you to make the best decision. If you feel some categories or information we may have missed or is nice to have along with the listings, please let us know so that we can accommodate them in our future development.

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