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Our Lists just got Better

Last month we brought you the combined lists from Amazon and Flipkart, We want to thank you for the response to our lists but last few days we did not post any new list of top products and if you were waiting, We are extremely sorry for the delay. Your wait is finally over and it's for the better.

Last few days, We were very busy making some changes to our Algorithm, Lists, and even the Presentation to give you the complete satisfaction of making the correct decision of choosing the best product. Let's dive into the changes.

1) More Categories, More Lists: As the month progresses, you'll realize we have curated the Best products lists for a lot more categories than earlier months, We are researching the customer needs every month and coming up with more and more product categories where our crawlers are gathering data to give you complete online shopping guides.

2) Improved Score Calculation: In our earlier lists, we found that the most popular products were ranking higher and some products were ranking lower. To address this problem, We have introduced some more dimensions to our already multidimensional score calculation. We now consider dimensions like Reviews count, percentage of positive and neutral reviews as per our User reviews processing, Average Ratings, Comparison with the most popular products on the same platform, Popularity of the product. This will give you comprehensive ratings for each product.

3) More information for you: Earlier, We only gave you the Product specs, Product price, and some basic parameters like how many reviews were processed to give you these ratings, Now with every list you'll get a lot of new info in graphical the format that helped us reach the decision where we gave you the best products available for this month.

Glimpse of the newly added analytics

We sincerely wish to help every online shopper in India to give the power analytics to make better decisions about their next shopping choices.

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